Walkthrough: Fulton Elementary School: November 15th, 2019 (WXXFES2019000255)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXFES20190014F2 Room 37 Yes
FXXFES20190014F1 Leak in window. Room 64 No
FXXFES20190014F0 Room 65 Yes
FXXFES20190014EF Room 66 No
FXXFES20190014EE Items to close to ceiling/sprinkler head. Storage Closet 5 Yes
FXXFES20190014EA Room 92 Yes
FXXFES20190014E8 Electrical Panels Blocked Portable Room 5 Yes
FXXFES20190014E7 Portable Room 5 Yes
FXXFES20190014E5 Return vent damaged Portable Room 3 No
FXXFES20190014E4 Crack down back corner wall ceiling to floor Room 78 No
FXXFES20190014E2 Electrical Panel Blocked Portable 6 Yes
FXXFES20190014E0 Teacher reported mice Portable Room 2 No
FXXFES20190014DD Stained tiles in closet Room 79 Yes
FXXFES20190014DE Damaged Return Vent Portable Room 2 No
FXXFES20190014DC Room 79 Yes
FXXFES20190014DA Chairs Portable Room 7 Yes
FXXFES20190014D9 Girls Bath in Portable Yes
FXXFES20190014D8 Portable Custodial Closet Yes
FXXFES20190014D7 Room 81 Yes
FXXFES20190014D6 Portable 9 Yes
FXXFES20190014D5 Portable 9 Yes
FXXFES20190014D4 Room 64 Yes
FXXFES20190014D3 Room 63 Yes
FXXFES20190014D2 1a Yes
FXXFES20190014D0 18inches of clearance needed Admin Storage Closet Yes