Walkthrough: Fulton Elementary School: February 5th, 2019 (WXXFES2019000124)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXFES20190008F0 Fridge Port 220 Yes
FXXFES20190008EE Rug Port 220 Yes
FXXFES20190008EC Rugs Port Room 7 Yes
FXXFES20190008EB Port Room 5 Yes
FXXFES20190008EA Port room 4 Yes
FXXFES20190008E8 Return vent obstructed by boxes Room 3 Port Yes
FXXFES20190008E6 Rug Port room2 Yes
FXXFES20190008E5 Room 63 Yes
FXXFES20190008E3 Teacher reposnible for cleaning. Room 78 Yes
FXXFES20190008E0 Dead bugs in light 76 Storage Yes
FXXFES20190008DE Supply diffusers dirty Room 75 Yes
FXXFES20190008DC Dead bugs in light Room 71 Storage Yes
FXXFES20190008DB Girls toilet Yes
FXXFES20190008DA Room 54 Yes
FXXFES20190008D9 Bathroom Near Speech Therapy Yes
FXXFES20190008D6 4th Grade Common Area Yes
FXXFES20190008D4 Window caulk missing, place work order for… 4c No
FXXFES20190008D3 Items stored too close to the ceiling Room 29 Yes
FXXFES20190008D2 Room 28 Yes
FXXFES20190008D0 Pod 3 - several rooms with curtains. No… 3c Yes
FXXFES20190008CC Storage height (fire code) Pod 3 Storage Yes
FXXFES20190008CA Music - fan Room 85 Yes
FXXFES20190008C8 Ensemble Music Room 83 Yes
FXXFES20190008C6 Gym office - fridge Room 88 Yes
FXXFES20190008C5 Room 95 Yes