Walkthrough: Dunloggin Middle School: January 22nd, 2020 (WXXDMS20200002A5)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXDMS2020001971 Broken ceiling tile and missing eschucheon plate Bathroom hallway outside of comp lab Yes
FXXDMS202000196F Ceiling tile Grid Rusted includes Boys Gym Bath Boys Bath Near Cafe No
FXXDMS202000196D Items hanging from ceiling 126-2 Yes
FXXDMS202000196C Portable 1 Yes
FXXDMS202000196B Portable 1 Yes
FXXDMS2020001969 Various stand alone lights Portable 1 Yes
FXXDMS2020001967 Music Portable Yes
FXXDMS2020001966 Big heater Room 114 Yes
FXXDMS2020001965 Portable 51 Yes
FXXDMS2020001963 Return grill falling off Portable 1 No
FXXDMS2020001962 Hvac vents all missing covers. Room 152 No
FXXDMS202000195F Broken Light Lens and and outside off office Boys Locker Room Office Yes
FXXDMS202000195E Boys Locker No
FXXDMS202000195D Bathroom Yes
FXXDMS202000195B Heater Room 112 Yes
FXXDMS202000195A Girls locker room office bath Bathroom Yes
FXXDMS2020001958 Housekeeping - access to roof access door needs… Gym storage with roof access door Yes
FXXDMS2020001957 Heater Room 425 Yes
FXXDMS2020001956 Refrig and microwave Room 244 Yes
FXXDMS2020001954 Water staining on roof leader near boys locker… gym No
FXXDMS2020001952 18" of clearance Multi Purpose storage. Off the cafeteria Yes
FXXDMS2020001950 Returns dusty and stained cafeteria Yes
FXXDMS202000194F Floor raised. Water under tiles found. See IEQ… Room 106 Yes
FXXDMS202000194D Water staining on pipe insulation above door.… Boiler Room No
FXXDMS202000194C Room 138 No