Walkthrough: Cedar Lane School: October 22nd, 2019 (WXXCLS201900022E)

Tracking Number


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXCLS2019001276 Spiders C125 No
FXXCLS2019001275 C123 toilet Yes
FXXCLS2019001274 C123 toilet Yes
FXXCLS2019001273 The make up or exhaust above right exterior door,… b120 Yes
FXXCLS2019001272 Stat covered by laminated poster d116 Yes
FXXCLS2019001271 b110 No
FXXCLS2019001270 b110 Yes
FXXCLS201900126F b124 Yes
FXXCLS201900126E Salts on cmu around door d143 No
FXXCLS201900126D Wall return partially obstructed by book case d138 Yes
FXXCLS201900126C b101 No
FXXCLS201900126A Printer near stats heat given off d132 Yes
FXXCLS2019001269 Rm 19 closet Yes
FXXCLS2019001268 Stain outside of d132 d116_hall Yes
FXXCLS2019001267 Park & recreation room storage Yes
FXXCLS2019001266 a115_hall Yes
FXXCLS2019001265 a115 Yes
FXXCLS2019001264 Nurse toilet Yes
FXXCLS2019001262 a109 Yes
FXXCLS2019001261 Salts forming on cmu around door and right side… d147 No
FXXCLS2019001260 c141 No
FXXCLS201900125F Salts forming on cmu right side of window d150 No
FXXCLS201900125E c141 No
FXXCLS201900125C Stepping in cmu walls near windows Exit foyer No
FXXCLS201900125A Exhaust fan inoperable b114 No