Walkthrough: Centennial High School: January 24th, 2020 (WXXCHS20200002B4)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXCHS2020001A98 Painted tiles Room 409 Yes
FXXCHS2020001A96 506_hall Yes
FXXCHS2020001A91 900 Hall No
FXXCHS2020001A8F Some type of staining around a sensor Team room across from laundry room Yes
FXXCHS2020001A8E 408_hall Yes
FXXCHS2020001A8C 912_hall No
FXXCHS2020001A8B 903_hall Yes
FXXCHS2020001A8A Stain around drier vent pipe Girls locker room ice machine laundry room Yes
FXXCHS2020001A88 Stained tiles Room 201 Yes
FXXCHS2020001A87 Carpet stains Room 202 Yes
FXXCHS2020001A86 Metal roof deck along back exterior wall.… Auxiliary gym Yes
FXXCHS2020001A85 Drip pan for plant Room 103 No
FXXCHS2020001A84 Carpet stained Room 104 Yes
FXXCHS2020001A83 Trainers office Yes
FXXCHS2020001A82 Water stain and missing in entry hall within… Boiler room Yes
FXXCHS2020001A81 Floor needs to scrubbed Dark room Yes
FXXCHS2020001A80 Room 307 Yes
FXXCHS2020001A7F Carpet stained in multiple places Media center Yes
FXXCHS2020001A7E Exterior end wall above metal shelving cmu has… Storage room near boiler room No
FXXCHS2020001A7D Corrosion on stall fixtures Boys bathroom tech hall No
FXXCHS2020001A7C Water stains near track lighting Room 803 Yes
FXXCHS2020001A7B Left end of stage high up pipe insulation to… Stage Yes
FXXCHS2020001A7A Room 914 Yes
FXXCHS2020001A79 Water stain in very narrow portion corner of the… Concession stand Yes
FXXCHS2020001A78 Storage closet Yes