Walkthrough: Centennial High School: November 13th, 2018 (WXXCHS2018000080)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXCHS201800016A Stained tile Room 302 Yes
FXXCHS201800017D Window blacked out Room 905 Yes
FXXCHS2018000191 Stained ceiling tile Weight room Yes
FXXCHS201800016B Stained tile Outside special services Yes
FXXCHS201800017E Broken ceiling tile Room 916 Yes
FXXCHS2018000193 Missing electrical plate Outside 904 Yes
FXXCHS201800016C Light covered with cloth Portable 2 Yes
FXXCHS201800017F Wet ceiling tile Room 915 Yes
FXXCHS2018000195 Exit sign needs to be changed Near boys locker room Yes
FXXCHS201800016D Wet tile Health room closet Yes
FXXCHS2018000180 stained carpet Room 915 Yes
FXXCHS2018000196 Stained ceiling tile Room 55 Yes
FXXCHS201800015D Needs cord cover Room 204 Yes
FXXCHS201800016E Wet tile English office Yes
FXXCHS2018000181 stained carpet Room 412 Yes
FXXCHS2018000197 Lamps Room 908 Yes
FXXCHS201800015E Needs cord cover Room 104 Yes
FXXCHS201800016F Wet tile Dell lab Yes
FXXCHS2018000182 Paint peeling on walls Room 410 No
FXXCHS2018000198 Stained ceiling tile Foods closet Yes
FXXCHS201800015F Needs cord cover Room 103 Yes
FXXCHS2018000172 Wet tile Media office Yes
FXXCHS2018000183 stains on tile floor Room 912 Yes
FXXCHS2018000160 Needs cord cover Room 302 Yes
FXXCHS2018000174 Wet tile Science storage Yes