Walkthrough: Centennial High School: November 13th, 2018 (WXXCHS2018000080)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXCHS2018000164 Needs cord cover Portable 2 Yes
FXXCHS2018000177 Carpet stains and tears Media center Yes
FXXCHS201800018A Stained ceiling tiles Outside auditorium (broadway) Yes
FXXCHS2018000165 Needs cord cover Room 907 Yes
FXXCHS2018000178 Rusted air return vents Math/Science hallway No
FXXCHS201800018B 3 Stained ceiling tiles Snack bar Yes
FXXCHS2018000166 Stained tile Room 203 Yes
FXXCHS2018000179 Loose light fixture Room 406 Yes
FXXCHS201800018C Loose ceiling tiles Outside 802 Yes
FXXCHS2018000167 Stained tile Room 202 Yes
FXXCHS201800017A Flag on wall Room 402 Yes
FXXCHS201800018D Loose ceiling tiles Room 802 Yes
FXXCHS2018000168 Stained tile Room 208 Yes
FXXCHS201800017B Flag on wall Room 401 Yes
FXXCHS201800018E Loose ceiling tiles Boys locker room Yes
FXXCHS2018000169 Stained tile Room 209 Yes
FXXCHS201800017C Partition needs paint Room 404 Yes
FXXCHS201800018F Missing electrical plate Boys locker room Yes
FXXCHS201800016A Stained tile Room 302 Yes
FXXCHS201800017D Window blacked out Room 905 Yes
FXXCHS2018000191 Stained ceiling tile Weight room Yes
FXXCHS201800016B Stained tile Outside special services Yes
FXXCHS201800017E Broken ceiling tile Room 916 Yes
FXXCHS2018000193 Missing electrical plate Outside 904 Yes
FXXCHS201800016C Light covered with cloth Portable 2 Yes