Walkthrough: Atholton Elementary School: March 8th, 2019 (WXXAES2019000171)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXXAES2019000BC8 Dust on firebox and phone and bugs in light Port 74 Yes
FXXAES2019000BC6 Room 124 Yes
FXXAES2019000BC5 FCU 187a in front of office of art making noise Room 124 No
FXXAES2019000BC3 Dead Bugs in Lights Network Closet off Media Yes
FXXAES2019000BC2 Media Office Yes
FXXAES2019000BC1 Room 103 Yes
FXXAES2019000BBF Damaged fiberglass pipe Insulation Boiler Room No
FXXAES2019000BBD Fabric chair needs plan for regular cleaning Room 101 Yes
FXXAES2019000BBB Ceiling mounted heater not running Fcu 185 Cafeteria Hall No
FXXAES2019000BB9 Storage height (fire code) Storage /Elec across from Health Yes
FXXAES2019000BB7 Back closet Health_Suite Yes
FXXAES2019000BB5 Space heater Health_Suite Yes