Walkthrough: Worthington Elementary School: April 25th, 2019 (WXWOES20190001A6)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXWOES20190010E4 Heater Room 177 Yes
FXWOES20190010E2 Room cluttered Room 177 Yes
FXWOES20190010E0 2 lights out Room 183 Yes
FXWOES20190010DF Room 169 Yes
FXWOES20190010DD 2 tiles missing, need to be cut Room 156 No
FXWOES20190010DC Room 155 Yes
FXWOES20190010DB 155 B Yes
FXWOES20190010D9 Counter tops need corking Room 108 No
FXWOES20190010D8 Room 105 Yes
FXWOES20190010D6 Loose tile Room 102 Yes
FXWOES20190010D5 Room 143 Yes
FXWOES20190010D4 Room 142 No
FXWOES20190010D3 Room 142 Yes
FXWOES20190010D1 Supply diffuser dirty Room 104 Yes
FXWOES20190010CF Stained tile in closet Room 191 Yes
FXWOES20190010CE Room 135 Yes
FXWOES20190010CC Room 134 Yes
FXWOES20190010CB Room 131 No
FXWOES20190010CA Room 132 Yes
FXWOES20190010C9 Room 129 Yes
FXWOES20190010C8 Room 129 Yes
FXWOES20190010C6 Hole in tile Gym Storage across from gym Yes
FXWOES20190010C4 Gym Storage - supply diffusers dirty 199b Yes
FXWOES20190010C3 Room 125 Yes
FXWOES20190010C1 Teacher indicated carpet gets wet on rainy days Room 196 Yes