Walkthrough: Wilde Lake Middle School: December 19th, 2018 (WXWLMS20180000E4)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXWLMS2018000545 230_hall Yes
FXWLMS2018000544 247_hall Yes
FXWLMS2018000543 Hallway Yes
FXWLMS2018000542 Room 251 Yes
FXWLMS2018000541 Light does not turn on Room 250 Yes
FXWLMS2018000540 Local. Exhaust and return air Room 249 Yes
FXWLMS201800053F Dusty surfaces Room 246 Yes
FXWLMS201800053E Items floor Room 256 No
FXWLMS201800053D Items floor Room 256 No
FXWLMS201800053C Floor tile popping up near slop sink Room 241 No
FXWLMS201800053B Signs of past water staining Room 230 Yes
FXWLMS201800053A Skylight leaking in 3 locations. One in middle… a49 Yes
FXWLMS2018000536 Use ceiling tile clips a43 Yes
FXWLMS2018000534 File cabinet Room 224 Yes
FXWLMS2018000533 Ceiling tile leak by flag a43 Yes
FXWLMS2018000532 File cabinet stair_2 Yes
FXWLMS2018000531 Leak on tile a70 Yes
FXWLMS2018000530 a70 Yes
FXWLMS201800052F Dust on vent a40 Yes
FXWLMS201800052D Shelf near teacher desk Room 208 Yes
FXWLMS201800052C Stain along hall wall Room 217 Yes
FXWLMS201800052B Return air Room 217 Yes
FXWLMS2018000529 Condensation or old minor leak showing on pipes? a59 No
FXWLMS2018000528 Construction dust heavy on shelving Room 214 Yes
FXWLMS2018000527 b29 No