Walkthrough: West Friendship Elementary School: April 23rd, 2019 (WXWFES20190001A3)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXWFES2019001022 Wood piling is raised off ground creating a… Exterior No
FXWFES2019001021 Several areas have missing or damaged bricks. Exterior No
FXWFES201900101F Return vents dirty 132_gym Yes
FXWFES201900101D Return vents dirty General Observation Yes
FXWFES201900101C No water in drain Room 169 Yes
FXWFES201900101A Microwave Room 101 Yes
FXWFES2019001019 Missing small strip Boys restroom Yes
FXWFES2019001017 Dirt and water staining in light fixture - Room… 106_health_suite Yes
FXWFES2019001016 Vent filter not down in vent above paraeducators… Room 157 Yes
FXWFES2019001015 By radon pipe Room 157 Yes
FXWFES2019001014 Room 185 No
FXWFES2019001013 Light not working in closet 166 165 & 166 No
FXWFES2019001011 Ceiling vent near sink dusty Room 171 Yes
FXWFES2019001010 Tile falling out above cabinet on hall wall side Room 171 Yes
FXWFES201900100E Return air grates not set into ceiling Room 174 Yes
FXWFES201900100C Door blocked Room 189 Yes
FXWFES201900100B Room 179 Yes
FXWFES201900100A Room 155 No
FXWFES2019001009 Dust on both bulletin board ledges Room 154 Yes
FXWFES2019001008 No water in drain Room 163 Yes
FXWFES2019001007 Room 143 Yes
FXWFES2019001006 Chair Storage Yes
FXWFES2019001005 Hole in tile behind tv Room 152 Yes
FXWFES2019001003 Missing plate where sprinkler head used to be Dishwashing area No
FXWFES2019001001 General observation for majority off doors 138_cafeteria No