Walkthrough: Talbott Springs Elementary School: January 16th, 2020 (WXTSES202000029E)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXTSES20200018FD Lint and Dust on Floor Room w/ Tech Yes
FXTSES20200018FC Housekeeping Penthouses No
FXTSES20200018FB Stained tile above girls bathroom. Hallway in front of Office to Media Center Yes
FXTSES20200018FA Stained ceiling tiles above doorway. Room 24 Yes
FXTSES20200018F9 Ceiling tiles bowing out from walls. Room 24 Yes
FXTSES20200018F8 Separation between tiles and wall above teachers… Room 26 No
FXTSES20200018F7 Crack in wall under vent. Room 29 No
FXTSES20200018F6 Kindergarten Pod, Middle Hallway Yes
FXTSES20200018F5 Front of Kindergarten Pod Yes
FXTSES20200018F4 Health Room Yes
FXTSES20200018F3 Mailbox Area Yes
FXTSES20200018F2 Above Secretary Desk Yes
FXTSES20200018F1 Confrence Room Hallway Yes
FXTSES20200018F0 Crumbling wall around base. Closet by Cafeteria No
FXTSES20200018EF Vent rusted. 37 - Bathroom No
FXTSES20200018EE 2 Runs of caulking (vertical) are damaged. Outside of GYm No
FXTSES20200018ED Rust on supply diffusers. Large Portable No
FXTSES20200018EC Minor water staining on ceiling. Roofing should… Portable 83 No
FXTSES20200018EB Carpet threshold coming up at back door. Portable 83 No
FXTSES20200018EA Return vent dirty at stage ramp. Stage Yes
FXTSES20200018E9 Chair Room Yes
FXTSES20200018E8 Ceiling mounted heater not functional. Kitchen No
FXTSES20200018E7 Tiles in kitchen bath are deteriorating,… Kitchen Bath Yes
FXTSES20200018E6 By Exterior doors. Multiple tiles (3). Cafeteria Yes
FXTSES20200018E5 Dirty supply diffuser. Closet in Room 48 Yes