Walkthrough: Talbott Springs Elementary School: February 13th, 2019 (WXTSES2019000130)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXTSES20190009A1 Crack in drywall outside of principals office Room 5 No
FXTSES201900099F Space heater Room 21 Yes
FXTSES201900099E Room 47 Yes
FXTSES201900099D Room 45 Yes
FXTSES201900099C Room 44 Yes
FXTSES201900099A Stained tile - classroom across from bathroom Large Portable Yes
FXTSES2019000998 Stuffed animals in several classroom, need plan… Large Portable Yes
FXTSES2019000997 Large Portable - Girls Bath Yes
FXTSES2019000995 Flaking paint in light fixtures Room 74 No
FXTSES2019000993 Artificial pants and stuffed animals Room 53 Yes
FXTSES2019000991 Art room closet - dead bugs in light Room 69 Yes
FXTSES201900098F Dead bug in light Storage closet in hallway next to principals office Yes
FXTSES201900098D Kurieg Room 55 Yes
FXTSES201900098B Holes in ceiling tile Room 65 Yes
FXTSES201900098A Room 66 Yes
FXTSES2019000988 Fabric bean bags, need cleaning plan Room 17 Yes
FXTSES2019000986 Microwave Room 15 Yes
FXTSES2019000984 Microwave Room 14 Yes
FXTSES2019000983 Room 13 Yes
FXTSES2019000981 Fabric pillow needs plan for occasional cleaning Room 21 Yes
FXTSES201900097F Missing tile Teaching area 2 hallway Yes
FXTSES201900097E Room 29 Yes
FXTSES201900097D Room 27 Yes
FXTSES201900097C Elec Room across from 13 Yes
FXTSES201900097B Stuffed animals need plan for regular cleaning Room 35 Yes