Walkthrough: Triadelphia Ridge Elementary School: May 24th, 2019 (WXTRES20190001B1)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXTRES2019001161 Pre-K Yes
FXTRES2019001160 Early Childhood Yes
FXTRES201900115F Ceiling tile coming down. Reading Resource Yes
FXTRES201900115E Computer Lab Yes
FXTRES201900115D Numerous fabric chairs, etc. Admin will need to… C1 Yes
FXTRES201900115C Dirty supply diffusers D1 Yes
FXTRES201900115B Resource Room 3 Yes
FXTRES201900115A Window sill dirty E4 Yes
FXTRES2019001159 E1 Yes
FXTRES2019001158 Staff Lounge Yes
FXTRES2019001157 Stained ceiling tile and dirty supply diffusers Music Yes
FXTRES2019001156 Ceiling tile bowed and falling down (toward back) Kitchen Yes
FXTRES2019001155 Ceiling tiles missing Vestibule - Near Boiler Room Yes