Walkthrough: Thunder Hill Elementary School: March 18th, 2019 (WXTHES201900017D)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXTHES2019000D09 Dead bugs in lights Cust across from c18 Yes
FXTHES2019000D08 C05 Elec Room Yes
FXTHES2019000D06 Dead bugs in lights Custodial Closet across from c05 Yes
FXTHES2019000D05 Room 212 Yes
FXTHES2019000D04 Office across from 205 Yes
FXTHES2019000D03 Telecom across from 126 Yes
FXTHES2019000D02 Room 111 Yes
FXTHES2019000D00 Supply diffusers dirty Media Yes
FXTHES2019000CFF Percentage of wall covered with papers/posters Room 112 Yes
FXTHES2019000CFE Clutter near teacher desk area Room 120 Yes
FXTHES2019000CFD Room 113 Yes
FXTHES2019000CFC Clutterness near front board Room 113 Yes
FXTHES2019000CFB Dust on floors and corners Room 114 Yes
FXTHES2019000CFA Room 114 Yes
FXTHES2019000CF9 Room 115 Yes
FXTHES2019000CF7 Vent on wall dirty and coming off Girls Bath across from 100 No
FXTHES2019000CF5 Dead bugs in lights Cust closet across frOn 100 Yes
FXTHES2019000CF4 Gym Storage Yes
FXTHES2019000CF3 Room 118 Yes
FXTHES2019000CF2 Room 118 Yes
FXTHES2019000CEF Dead bugs in lights (bathroom) Room 101 Yes
FXTHES2019000CED Dirt on ceilings near supply diffusers Room 101 Yes
FXTHES2019000CEC Room 121 Yes
FXTHES2019000CEA Room 123 Yes
FXTHES2019000CE9 Mechanical Room Behind Custodial Office - Vent… A33 Yes