Walkthrough: Stevens Forest Elementary School: February 27th, 2019 (WXSFES201900015F)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXSFES2019000AA4 Return air grille partially blocked. Return Air… portable5 Yes
FXSFES2019000AA3 Crack in the wall from floor to ceiling. Room 053 No
FXSFES2019000AA2 Room 19 Yes
FXSFES2019000AA1 Tile missing or chipped in center stall Room 061 No
FXSFES2019000AA0 Paint on ceiling peeling Room 050 No
FXSFES2019000A9E Room 145 Yes
FXSFES2019000A9D Ceiling tile pushed up Room 15 Yes
FXSFES2019000A9C Room 15 Yes
FXSFES2019000A9A Delayed light sensor Room 009 No
FXSFES2019000A99 Room 009 Yes
FXSFES2019000A97 Small lamp by para desk Room 006 Yes
FXSFES2019000A96 Room 39 Yes
FXSFES2019000A95 Room 54 Yes