Walkthrough: River Hill High School: October 23rd, 2019 (WXRHHS2019000232)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXRHHS201900138A HVAC vent broken-teachers lounge Lower 9th Grade Teacher Lounge No
FXRHHS2019001389 Mens rest room paint ceiling in front of light… Lower 9th Grade Teacher Lounge No
FXRHHS2019001388 Room 240 Yes
FXRHHS2019001387 Media Storage Yes
FXRHHS2019001386 Paint in sink
Sawdust at miter saw
Science Shop Yes
FXRHHS2019001385 Dusty vent in light storage & upstairs… Auditorium Yes
FXRHHS2019001384 Missing escutchen plate Hallway in front of fitness lab No
FXRHHS2019001383 Around sprinkler head Fitness Lab Yes
FXRHHS2019001382 Things stored in front of electrical panel. Electrical Closet Yes
FXRHHS2019001381 Light cover dirty Front of back stairwell near room 120 Yes
FXRHHS2019001380 Vents dirty on the inside Hallway in front of girls & boys Bathroom Yes
FXRHHS201900137F Floor tile in front of sink is cracked
lower ninth grade teachers lounge Yes
FXRHHS201900137E Light out in back
Replace two ceiling tiles…
lower ninth grade locker rooms s-123 Yes
FXRHHS201900137C high temperature Room 235 Yes
FXRHHS201900137B Room 239 Yes
FXRHHS201900137A Room 238 Yes
FXRHHS2019001379 lamps, furniture, coffee maker, microwave, fan,… Room 240 Yes
FXRHHS2019001378 Fake plants Media Storage Yes
FXRHHS2019001377 No escutchen on sprinkler TV Studio No
FXRHHS2019001376 Cookie ovens and refrigerator Room 206 Yes
FXRHHS2019001375 Dirty vent in bathroom Room 205 Yes
FXRHHS2019001374 Hallway behind Auditorium outside f 5205 Yes
FXRHHS2019001373 Dusty in storage room
Tile stain by…
Science shop Yes
FXRHHS2019001372 Rusted and broken pipe insulation and water stain Penthouse No
FXRHHS2019001371 Weather stripping at bottom of exterior doors (… Auditorium Yes