Walkthrough: River Hill High School: December 11th, 2018 (WXRHHS20180000CF)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXRHHS201800046D Missing caulk around toilet Men's Bathroom No
FXRHHS201800046C Coffee maker Room 132 Yes
FXRHHS201800046B Room 137 Yes
FXRHHS201800046A Room 152 Yes
FXRHHS2018000469 Painted Room 150 Yes
FXRHHS2018000468 Rusty Room 146 Yes
FXRHHS2018000467 TV pulling tiles room 148 Yes
FXRHHS2018000466 Odor Room 148 Yes
FXRHHS2018000465 Wrestling Room Yes
FXRHHS2018000464 Wire mesh loose Room 153 Yes
FXRHHS2018000463 Fridge door molding needs to be cleaned 155B Yes
FXRHHS2018000462 Electrical Room Next to Book Closet RM 135 Yes
FXRHHS2018000461 Book Closet Outside RM 135 Yes
FXRHHS2018000460 Room 131 Yes
FXRHHS201800045F C-123 Social Studies Book Room Yes
FXRHHS201800045E stains and replacement needed around vent Staff Lounge B Restrooms No
FXRHHS201800045D Stained floor tile C-122 No
FXRHHS201800045C Hallway Outside Room 122 Yes
FXRHHS201800045B Next to TV Room 122 Yes
FXRHHS201800045A Boxes of tissues under electrical panels Electrical Closet near 117 Yes
FXRHHS2018000459 Math Book Room near 117 Yes
FXRHHS2018000458 Vents dirty, one popped up Room 117 Yes
FXRHHS2018000457 floor ripped up center near incline bench, floor… Weight Room Yes
FXRHHS2018000456 Gaping around sprinkler head Weight Room Storage Closet Yes
FXRHHS2018000455 Floor rusty Coach's Office Yes