Walkthrough: Running Brook Elementary School: February 5th, 2020 (WXRBES20200002C6)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXRBES2020001BFB Also HVAC grille in the wall blocked by a file… Portable 115 Yes
FXRBES2020001BFA Dead insects/ants on floor Storage between room 206 & 208 -level 2 Yes
FXRBES2020001BF9 Storage between room 206 & 208 -level 2 Yes
FXRBES2020001BF8 4 floor rugs brought from home Room 202 second level Yes
FXRBES2020001BF7 Microwave and fridge Storage between room 211 & 213 on Level 2 Yes
FXRBES2020001BF6 Maintain 18 inches clearance from the ceiling. Room 124 Yes
FXRBES2020001BF5 Stuffed animals Room 069 Yes
FXRBES2020001BF4 Sticky floors. Not very clean. Bathrooms outside cafe Yes
FXRBES2020001BF3 Dirty carpet Teachers Lounge Yes
FXRBES2020001BF2 Floor dirty Hallway outside cafe Yes
FXRBES2020001BF1 Wet spot on floor tile Custodian Office Yes
FXRBES2020001BF0 Floor under shelves dirty Closet off of kitchen Yes
FXRBES2020001BEF Office in Cafe & Kitchen Yes
FXRBES2020001BEE Ceiling tile loose Cafe Yes
FXRBES2020001BED Stage Yes
FXRBES2020001BEC Floor needs to be polished. Art Room Yes
FXRBES2020001BEB Fridge and microwave Room 131 Yes
FXRBES2020001BEA Coffee maker, fridge and microwave Room 135 Yes
FXRBES2020001BE9 Floors not clean/polished 135 and 136 Yes
FXRBES2020001BE8 Bugs inside the light fixture. Vestibule near Room 131 and 135 Yes
FXRBES2020001BE7 Stairway Yes
FXRBES2020001BE6 Need thorough cleaning of the entire bathrooms.… Boys and Girls Bathroom next to staff bathroom Yes
FXRBES2020001BE5 Needs thorough cleaning of the entire bathroom. Staff Bathroom close to the gym Yes
FXRBES2020001BE4 House keeping needed. Miscellenous material… Gym storage Yes
FXRBES2020001BE3 Hole in the exterior wall near the exit double… Gym No