Walkthrough: Patuxent Valley Middle School: November 14th, 2019 (WXPVMS2019000250)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXPVMS20190014C0 Missing brick near roof line. Exterior Wall Outside of Locker Rooms No
FXPVMS20190014BF Inspect and Sign Off on Fire Exstinguisher Tractor Storage Yes
FXPVMS20190014BE Room 130 Yes
FXPVMS20190014BD Data clerk Yes
FXPVMS20190014BC Data clerk Yes
FXPVMS20190014BB Kitchen office Yes
FXPVMS20190014BA Bookroom Yes
FXPVMS20190014B9 Stage Ramp Storage Yes
FXPVMS20190014B8 Boys bathroom Yes
FXPVMS20190014B7 Girls bathroom Yes
FXPVMS20190014B6 Outside 135 Yes
FXPVMS20190014B5 Bathroom next to Custodial Office Yes
FXPVMS20190014B3 Inspect and sign off on fire exstinguisher Boys Locker Room Yes
FXPVMS20190014B2 Room 150 Yes
FXPVMS20190014B0 Zip tie on sprinkler main - Assign WO to Plumbing Boiler Room Yes
FXPVMS20190014AF Room 132 Yes
FXPVMS20190014AE Gym Vestibule Yes
FXPVMS20190014AC Housekeeping Gym Storage Yes
FXPVMS20190014AB Room 128 Yes
FXPVMS20190014AA Room 128 Yes
FXPVMS20190014A9 ALS Yes
FXPVMS20190014A8 Outside of music Yes
FXPVMS20190014A5 Music Office - dead bug in lights Room 209 Yes
FXPVMS20190014A4 FACS Yes
FXPVMS20190014A2 Room 122 Yes