Walkthrough: Pointers Run Elementary School: March 26th, 2019 (WXPRES2019000183)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXPRES2019000DD9 Special Education Yes
FXPRES2019000DD7 Dump sink, floor, and ceiling vent are dirty Building services 1 Yes
FXPRES2019000DD6 Floor and Steps are dirty Mechanical penthouse 1 Yes
FXPRES2019000DD5 Room 3137 Yes
FXPRES2019000DD4 Dust buildup on the window frame by the entrance… Room 3324 Yes
FXPRES2019000DD3 Dust buildup on shelves Room 3323 Yes
FXPRES2019000DD2 Peeling,bubbling paint by Windows. Middle left hallway by 1st Yes
FXPRES2019000DD1 Lots of winged ants at window Room 3126 Yes
FXPRES2019000DD0 Crack stepping at left of loading / cafeteria… Storage Yes
FXPRES2019000DCF Complaint of broken soap dispenser. Boys Bathroom Yes
FXPRES2019000DCE Back wing of building the univents have… Storage No
FXPRES2019000DCD Clutter Planning 6 Yes
FXPRES2019000DCC Teacher complained about musty odor. Room 3310 Yes
FXPRES2019000DCB Stained tile Room 3310 Yes
FXPRES2019000DC9 Stained ceiling tile, dust balls around vents Room 3309 Yes
FXPRES2019000DC8 Peeling weather-stripping around doors. Back door vestibule Yes
FXPRES2019000DC6 Room 3136 Yes
FXPRES2019000DC5 Cord on floor ms brown room Portable Yes
FXPRES2019000DC4 There are things stacked to close to the ceiling… 2nd grade storage closet Yes
FXPRES2019000DC2 Damaged tile outside of Brison K/1 pod center Yes
FXPRES2019000DC1 Stained ceiling tiles. Back left hallway Yes
FXPRES2019000DC0 Computer lab ms Melvin room. Hvac unit off but… Portable No
FXPRES2019000DBF Stained ceiling tile Room 3306 Yes
FXPRES2019000DBE Check ceiling by tv Room 3151 Yes