Walkthrough: Phelps Luck Elementary School: February 14th, 2020 (WXPLES20200002D5)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXPLES2020001C7C Wall data or general outlet missing. Wall cavity… Portable 135 No
FXPLES2020001C7B Door with steps rusty exterior and will not swing… Portable 134 No
FXPLES2020001C7A Water continues to leak all over sink when in use C104 No
FXPLES2020001C79 Spider webs in closet behind door and along… C121 Yes
FXPLES2020001C78 Mice problem in closet C123 No
FXPLES2020001C77 Water in light lense. Need to change ceiling… C108_Hallway Yes
FXPLES2020001C76 Stained ceiling tile near speaker and along wall… C109 Yes
FXPLES2020001C74 A167 Yes
FXPLES2020001C73 Clean spider webs in closet C116 Yes
FXPLES2020001C72 Sand and paint over sink C115 Yes
FXPLES2020001C71 Exrerior door frame rusty from water damage. C114 No
FXPLES2020001C70 A128 Yes
FXPLES2020001C6F Corner wall needs caulking. A135 No
FXPLES2020001C6E A108 Yes