Walkthrough: Phelps Luck Elementary School: February 25th, 2019 (WXPLES201900014C)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXPLES2019000A65 Back_C104_Hallway Yes
FXPLES2019000A63 Light switch cover off wall in bathroom. C105 Yes
FXPLES2019000A62 C104 No
FXPLES2019000A60 B122-2 Yes
FXPLES2019000A5E Stains on floor tiles under sink. If leak is… C116 Yes
FXPLES2019000A5C Floor near desk is dusty. B122-2 Yes
FXPLES2019000A5D C116 Yes
FXPLES2019000A5B C116 Yes
FXPLES2019000A59 Ceiling tile outside classroom in hall is stained. C116 Yes
FXPLES2019000A58 B120 Yes
FXPLES2019000A56 Wall paint is peeling over sink. C115 No
FXPLES2019000A54 The exterior door has rust on the door frame.… C114 Yes
FXPLES2019000A52 B113 Yes
FXPLES2019000A51 Looks like tiles sag. B113 Yes
FXPLES2019000A4D Fabric materials stuffed animals and chair… A157 Yes
FXPLES2019000A4C One tile in closet has water damage. C114 Yes
FXPLES2019000A49 Counters need to be wiped daily. B108 Yes
FXPLES2019000A48 Window needs to be sealed. Wind comes in. C114 Yes
FXPLES2019000A46 Bottom of exterior door needs to be sealed. Snow… C114 Yes
FXPLES2019000A44 C110 Yes
FXPLES2019000A43 Ants on counter near sink. B130 Yes
FXPLES2019000A41 Counters need cleaned. B129 Yes
FXPLES2019000A40 C109 Yes
FXPLES2019000A3E C108a Yes
FXPLES2019000A3C A162 Yes