Walkthrough: Oakland Mills Middle School: December 4th, 2018 (WXOMMS20180000B3)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXOMMS2018000372 Crack above door to hallway 33_hall No
FXOMMS2018000371 Near room 3 33_hall Yes
FXOMMS2018000370 Crack above door to room 6 Room 10 No
FXOMMS201800036F Stained tile above projector screen Room 10 Yes
FXOMMS201800036E Stained tile outside door Boys bathroom Yes
FXOMMS201800036D 105 Gym Storage Yes
FXOMMS201800036C 101 Gym Storage Yes
FXOMMS201800036B 24_hall Yes
FXOMMS201800036A Rusty vents 24_hall No
FXOMMS2018000369 Wall separated from ceiling Room 127 No
FXOMMS2018000368 Crack above door to next room Room 23 No
FXOMMS2018000366 Crack on back wall left side Room 20 No
FXOMMS2018000365 Crack above door to room 23 Room 20 No
FXOMMS2018000364 Cracks above door Room 20 No
FXOMMS2018000363 Crack on wall to left of entrance Room 20 No
FXOMMS2018000362 Crack near beam across from room 19 24_hall No
FXOMMS2018000361 Crack on left side of back wall Room 19 No
FXOMMS2018000360 Crack above door Room 19 No
FXOMMS201800035F Dusty ceiling vent Room 14 Yes
FXOMMS201800035E Room 14 Yes
FXOMMS201800035D Missing triangular tiles near exterior door… 12_hall Yes
FXOMMS201800035C Cracks in wall above interior windows Room 9 No
FXOMMS201800035B Room 9 Yes
FXOMMS201800035A Crack in wall outside door to room 12 12_hall No
FXOMMS2018000359 Planes on ceilings Water stain Room 87 Yes