Walkthrough: Oakland Mills High School: January 23rd, 2020 (WXOMHS20200002AC)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXOMHS2020001A37 Missing pad lock Exhaust system No
FXOMHS2020001A35 Carpet Choirs storage No
FXOMHS2020001A33 Microwave International office Yes
FXOMHS2020001A31 Stained ceiling tiles International office Yes
FXOMHS2020001A30 Room 207 Yes
FXOMHS2020001A2F Storage Yes
FXOMHS2020001A2E Room 207 Yes
FXOMHS2020001A2D Room 206 Yes
FXOMHS2020001A2B Pillows and couches and lamps Room 206 Yes
FXOMHS2020001A2A Hallway Yes
FXOMHS2020001A28 Water running from tap comes out a murky color Soc studies office No
FXOMHS2020001A26 Tall wooden bookshelf Room 212 Yes
FXOMHS2020001A25 Room 301 Yes
FXOMHS2020001A23 Stained ceiling tile back right of room Room 203 Yes
FXOMHS2020001A22 Valencia Office Yes
FXOMHS2020001A20 Room 702 Yes
FXOMHS2020001A1F Room 702 No
FXOMHS2020001A1E Home made wooden book shelf (small) behind desk Room 204 Yes
FXOMHS2020001A1C Loud clattering fan in ceiling and room is cold Room 204 No
FXOMHS2020001A1B Food pantry Yes
FXOMHS2020001A18 Lot of items. Needs house keeping Closet Yes
FXOMHS2020001A17 Fans run very loudly and room is colder than… Room 205 No
FXOMHS2020001A16 Book room Yes
FXOMHS2020001A15 Has been changed multiple times and continues to… Room 309 Yes
FXOMHS2020001A14 Room 707 Yes