Walkthrough: Oakland Mills High School: April 24th, 2019 (WXOMHS20190001A5)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXOMHS20190010B7 Hot tub very dirty Ice Room Yes
FXOMHS20190010B6 210_hall Yes
FXOMHS20190010B5 Student Services Her - Mb Yes
FXOMHS20190010B4 Room 040 Yes
FXOMHS20190010B2 Supply Diffusers dirty Student Serices Yes
FXOMHS20190010B0 Housekeeping very poor Stage Craft Yes
FXOMHS20190010AF Room 104 Yes
FXOMHS20190010AE Conf Room Yes
FXOMHS20190010AC Ceiling panel not all the way against ceiling,… Men's Bath near cafe Yes
FXOMHS20190010AA Fan office off Media Yes
FXOMHS20190010A8 Area under sink should be cleaned Conf Room off mediA Yes
FXOMHS20190010A6 Stained tile on closet Athletics Manager Office Yes
FXOMHS20190010A5 Hallway Yes
FXOMHS20190010A4 Hallway Yes
FXOMHS20190010A3 303_hall Yes
FXOMHS20190010A2 Room 206 Yes
FXOMHS20190010A1 Room 206 No
FXOMHS20190010A0 Room 207 Yes
FXOMHS201900109F Room 207 No
FXOMHS201900109E Room 212 Yes
FXOMHS201900109D Room 204 Yes
FXOMHS201900109C 212_hall Yes
FXOMHS201900109B Room 104 Yes
FXOMHS2019001098 Room 408 Yes
FXOMHS2019001097 Room 105 Yes