Walkthrough: Mayfield Woods Middle School: March 5th, 2019 (WXMWMS2019000166)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXMWMS2019000B85 Dust and dirty floors Room 105 Yes
FXMWMS2019000B84 Cord across floor Room 104 Yes
FXMWMS2019000B83 Dirty floor dust Room 104 Yes
FXMWMS2019000B81 Dust Room 103 Yes
FXMWMS2019000B80 Dust and pencil sharpener shavings Tp1 Yes
FXMWMS2019000B7F Dust Room 102 Yes
FXMWMS2019000B7E Stained ceiling tile Room 102 Yes
FXMWMS2019000B7D Tile stained and ripped Room 101 Yes
FXMWMS2019000B7C Get rid of old items. Some stained used ceiling… Penthouse ahu2 Yes
FXMWMS2019000B7B Broken tile above elevator 214_hall Yes
FXMWMS2019000B7A Tiles stained outside comm lab. 214_hall Yes
FXMWMS2019000B79 Left side Guidance Yes
FXMWMS2019000B78 Lightbulb pink Comm lab No
FXMWMS2019000B77 Tile stained above guidance counselor Hallway Yes
FXMWMS2019000B76 Handrails loose, stained vent, stained floor 7th grade stairwell No
FXMWMS2019000B75 Fridge and microwave Dark room Yes
FXMWMS2019000B74 Stained Mr Grafton Yes
FXMWMS2019000B73 Cord across doorway Mr Grafton Yes
FXMWMS2019000B72 Need mat to cover cord Room 207 Yes
FXMWMS2019000B71 Dusty Room 208 Yes
FXMWMS2019000B70 Hanging tiles, possible water damage Room 208 Yes
FXMWMS2019000B6F Broken in back of room Miss Steele Yes
FXMWMS2019000B6E Leaky sink. Room 208 No
FXMWMS2019000B6D Cord cover Room 208 Yes
FXMWMS2019000B6C Tile near miss steeles office stained Media center Yes