Walkthrough: Manor Woods Elementary School: February 7th, 2019 (WXMWES2019000127)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXMWES2019000948 Supply vents dirty Room 140 Yes
FXMWES2019000947 Large crack in block wall left of chalkboard Room 144 No
FXMWES2019000946 Supply vents dirty Room 144 Yes
FXMWES2019000945 Supply vents dirty Room 139 Yes
FXMWES2019000944 Supply diffuser dirty Room 142 Yes
FXMWES2019000943 Room 134 Yes
FXMWES2019000942 Room 145 Yes
FXMWES2019000941 Room 136 Yes
FXMWES2019000940 Stuffed animals, flags (teacher notes they were… Room 137 Yes
FXMWES201900093F Bugs in light Vestibule No
FXMWES201900093E Hole in tile around pipes Room 183 Yes
FXMWES201900093D Room 131 Yes
FXMWES201900093C Room 147 Yes
FXMWES201900093B Some bugs in light Room 132 Yes
FXMWES201900093A Supply vent dirty Room 178 Yes
FXMWES2019000939 Missing soap dispenser Room 132 Yes
FXMWES2019000938 Supply vents dirty Room 176 Yes
FXMWES2019000937 Corner shared by 173 and 170 burrow under cement… Room 173 No
FXMWES2019000936 Room 129 Yes
FXMWES2019000935 Dirty supply Room 166 Yes
FXMWES2019000934 Dirty supply Room 166 Yes
FXMWES2019000933 Room 167 Yes
FXMWES2019000932 Room 128 Yes
FXMWES2019000931 Room 127 Yes
FXMWES2019000930 Room 126 Yes