Walkthrough: Mount View Middle School: January 13th, 2020 (WXMVMS2020000290)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXMVMS20200017DA One light out and dead bugs in both light fixtures ELA storage room Yes
FXMVMS20200017D9 Condensation on two lower Windows near exit doors Staircase No
FXMVMS20200017D8 Sink area has a lot of residue and the vent area… Science prep room 1 Yes
FXMVMS20200017D6 Dust and sweep Gym office Yes
FXMVMS20200017D5 Middle sink water dripping Girl bathroom No
FXMVMS20200017D4 Microwave and fridge Staff bathroom Yes
FXMVMS20200017D3 Dust, dirt and hair on the steps Stairwell Yes
FXMVMS20200017D2 Needs dusting and sweeping Showers Yes
FXMVMS20200017D1 Insects in light fixture Pantry in FACS room Yes
FXMVMS20200017D0 Ceiling tile partial gap Room 9 Yes
FXMVMS20200017CF Needs dusting and sweeping Laundry Yes
FXMVMS20200017CD Needs dusting and sweeping Towel storage Yes
FXMVMS20200017CC Water stain on carpet near sink Room 9 Yes
FXMVMS20200017CB Floor is cluttered making it hard to clean. Gym office Yes
FXMVMS20200017CA Toilet not in use but has sewage odor Art bathroom No
FXMVMS20200017C9 No towels. Outside bathroom Yes
FXMVMS20200017C8 Stained tile near the vent Staff lounge Yes
FXMVMS20200017C7 Needs a thorough cleaning. Outside bathroom Yes
FXMVMS20200017C6 Cobwebs right corner of entrance door underneath… 9a Yes
FXMVMS20200017C5 CMU around windows Dance No
FXMVMS20200017C4 Diffusers dirty Choral Room Yes
FXMVMS20200017C3 In need of a thorough cleaning. There is a fowl… Outside restroom Yes
FXMVMS20200017C2 Large stuffed bear Music office Yes
FXMVMS20200017C1 No towels Outside restroom Yes
FXMVMS20200017C0 Left vent gives out warm air but right vent gives… Art room No