Walkthrough: Murray Hill Middle School: November 29th, 2018 (WXMHMS20180000AD)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXMHMS20180002D7 Return vent rusty and dirty Room 49 Yes
FXMHMS20180002D5 Air gap and hard to open from bottom of stairs… Room 49 Yes
FXMHMS20180002D4 Equipment, nets on floor Locker room storage Yes
FXMHMS20180002D3 Brown stain towards wall with phone Room 49 Yes
FXMHMS20180002D2 Wood ceiling trim towards school end is water… Room 166 Yes
FXMHMS20180002D1 Door without ramp Room 166 No
FXMHMS20180002CE Musical instruments improperly stored, on the… Storage closet Yes
FXMHMS20180002CD Tear with strands Room 102 Yes
FXMHMS20180002CB Window cracked open very warm in room teacher… Room 103 Yes
FXMHMS20180002CA Room feels hot and ac/heat unit is noisy 117_office Yes
FXMHMS20180002C9 Slightly cracked open Room 104 Yes
FXMHMS20180002C8 Bowed ceiling tile assume all lower floor same way Room 104 No
FXMHMS20180002C7 Paint coming off of floor Room 117 Yes
FXMHMS20180002C5 Bowed ceiling tile really noticeable with lights… Room 105 No
FXMHMS20180002C4 Pianos, boxes, chairs not properly stored Small hallway to exit door Yes
FXMHMS20180002C3 Bowed ceiling tile Room 120 No
FXMHMS20180002C2 Bowed ceiling tile Room 112 No
FXMHMS20180002C1 Pianos, chairs, boxes improperly stored Small hall leading to outside Yes
FXMHMS20180002C0 Headphones, instruments, and boxes on floor 116_closet Yes
FXMHMS20180002BF Back right window on right side some mineral… Room 106 Yes
FXMHMS20180002BD Water droplet stains or rust spots on a few… Room 107 Yes
FXMHMS20180002BC Air freshener in office Cafeteria manager's office Yes
FXMHMS20180002BB Back room strand of carpet Room 121 Yes
FXMHMS20180002B9 Artificial plant on teacher's desk Room 115 Yes
FXMHMS20180002B6 Stained tile in instrument storage room Room 115 Yes