Walkthrough: Long Reach High School: November 16th, 2018 (WXLRHS201800008A)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXLRHS2018000213 Room 335 No
FXLRHS2018000210 Room 332 Yes
FXLRHS201800020B Clearance issue n storage shelves, too close to… Room 337 Yes
FXLRHS2018000208 Damaged counter top edge Room 340 No
FXLRHS2018000207 Tile and cardboard near warm electrical equipment. 339 electrical closet Yes
FXLRHS2018000203 Cords are tangled and overlapping power strip Room 343 Yes
FXLRHS2018000201 Room 344 Yes
FXLRHS20180001FE No water pipe covers under sinks Girl bathroom No
FXLRHS20180001FA No drain for eye wash and shower. Consider… Room 352 No
FXLRHS20180001F9 No emergency electrical shut-off, science room Room 356 No
FXLRHS20180001F8 Room 352 Yes
FXLRHS20180001F2 Room 348 Yes
FXLRHS20180001F1 Room 354 Yes
FXLRHS20180001EE Missing covers on ceiling cameras and sprinkler… Hallway No
FXLRHS20180001E9 Room 302 Yes
FXLRHS20180001E8 Missing camera cover on ceiling 302_hall No
FXLRHS20180001E4 Taxidermy hanging above door Room 306 Yes
FXLRHS20180001E0 Room 306 Yes
FXLRHS20180001DE Room 307 No
FXLRHS20180001D4 Pipe covers missing Girls bathroom No
FXLRHS20180001D3 Room 318 Yes
FXLRHS20180001CE gym No
FXLRHS20180001C6 Room 326 Yes
FXLRHS20180001C5 Room 328 Yes
FXLRHS20180001C3 Closet may need to be organized - possible egress… Tech Ed storage Yes