Walkthrough: Lake Elkhorn Middle School: March 10th, 2020 (WXLEMS20200002FE)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXLEMS2020001E52 Items & debris in sink Room 111 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E51 Debris in sink. Tile half way chipped. Room 108 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E50 Floors are dirty throughout the building. Throughout the Builiding Yes
FXLEMS2020001E4F Room 140 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E4E 086/087 and Yes
FXLEMS2020001E38 Separated tile in corner by window wall, stain by… Room 093 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E37 Chalk ledge Room 099 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E36 Along window wall between classrooms, Room 099 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E34 Room 094 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E33 Room 095 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E32 Room 095 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E31 File cabinet Room 095 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E30 HVAC vents dirty & need cleaning cafeteria Yes
FXLEMS2020001E2F Dusty file cabinet, chalk ledge Room 099 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E2D Stained riling tiles Room 216 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E2B Stain in corner Room 099 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E2A Dust in return vent 218 GT Yes
FXLEMS2020001E29 Dusty black shelves Room 097 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E28 Dusty vent on ceiling Room 100 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E27 Dirty light in corner Room 100 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E26 Room 100 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E24 Dust on cabinets Room 223 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E23 Light fixture hanging Room 096 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E22 Room 138 Yes
FXLEMS2020001E21 Room 140 Yes