Walkthrough: Jeffers Hill Elementary School: February 12th, 2019 (WXJHES201900012C)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXJHES201900096C Ceiling tile not seated S 2 Yes
FXJHES2019000969 Media - supply diffuser needs to be replaced Room 57 No
FXJHES2019000968 Elec Room next to C. 2 Yes
FXJHES2019000967 C 2 Yes
FXJHES2019000966 Men's Bath in Admin Yes
FXJHES2019000964 Stained ceiling tile Bath near 87 Yes
FXJHES2019000962 Microwave (energy use), Admin to decide if this… Music Port Yes
FXJHES2019000961 Room 51 Yes
FXJHES201900095F Curtains Room 51 Yes
FXJHES201900095D Area rugs. Need cleaning plan Room 47 Yes
FXJHES201900095B Items stuck to ceiling Room 46 Yes
FXJHES2019000959 Stuffed animals need a cleaning plan. Room 33 Yes
FXJHES2019000957 Quiet Room. -paint peeling on wall Room 113 No
FXJHES2019000955 Quiet room - broken ceiling tile Room 113 Yes
FXJHES2019000952 Comp Lab - Cord protector not in use Room 15 No
FXJHES2019000950 Curtains Room 7 Yes
FXJHES201900094F Room 6 Yes
FXJHES201900094E Room 2 Yes