Walkthrough: Hollifield Station Elementary School: March 11th, 2019 (WXHSES2019000175)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXHSES2019000C3D Flaking peeling paint from moisture intrusion,… Therapy Room and Back Hallway (adjoining courtyard) No
FXHSES2019000C3C Ponded water around transformer, may need add… Outside (Front of School, Closer to Portables No
FXHSES2019000C39 Room 074 Yes
FXHSES2019000C37 Two windows seal broken 2e No
FXHSES2019000C36 2c No
FXHSES2019000C35 Sills and blinds 2c Yes
FXHSES2019000C33 Seal broken 2d No
FXHSES2019000C32 Mouse droppings on window sills 2c No
FXHSES2019000C31 2d Yes
FXHSES2019000C30 2d Yes
FXHSES2019000C2E Light fixture cover 2b No
FXHSES2019000C2D 2b Yes
FXHSES2019000C2B Window sills and blinds 1d Yes
FXHSES2019000C2A Mouse droppings on window sills 1e No
FXHSES2019000C28 Ceiling tile bowed, needs to be replaced Computer Lab Yes
FXHSES2019000C27 Hallway by rm 42 Yes
FXHSES2019000C26 Windows and blinds 1e Yes
FXHSES2019000C24 Mouse droppings on window sills 1c No
FXHSES2019000C23 Vents dirty Custodial Closet 4 near media Yes
FXHSES2019000C22 Blinds and sills 1c Yes
FXHSES2019000C20 Room 038 Yes
FXHSES2019000C1F Fridge Room 57 Yes
FXHSES2019000C1E Pod 1Storage Yes
FXHSES2019000C1C Paint peeling from walls Room 058 No
FXHSES2019000C19 Room 049 Yes