Walkthrough: Howard High School: March 10th, 2020 (WXHOHS2020000302)

Tracking Number


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXHOHS2020001E77 Maintain minimum 18 inches clearance from the… C115 Yes
FXHOHS2020001E75 Ceiling tile missing MDF Room and D106 Yes
FXHOHS2020001E74 Door handle loose. D115 No
FXHOHS2020001E72 HVAC unit in the closet making noise. A109 No
FXHOHS2020001E6E C100, C109, C110, B121 and D106 Yes
FXHOHS2020001E67 Broken lens F103 Yes
FXHOHS2020001E66 Dusty vents F119 Yes
FXHOHS2020001E64 E104, F124, B103, B109 and B123 Yes
FXHOHS2020001E63 F126D and F114 Yes
FXHOHS2020001E62 F126B Yes
FXHOHS2020001E61 Academic Hall of fame Yes
FXHOHS2020001E60 Three to four stained ceiling tiles. Main Lobby Yes
FXHOHS2020001E5F Main Lobby Outside Media Yes
FXHOHS2020001E5E E115 Yes
FXHOHS2020001E5D N107, B108 and B113 Yes
FXHOHS2020001E5C Mini Fridge N107 Yes
FXHOHS2020001E5B Also, towels stuffed under doors B114/B115 Yes
FXHOHS2020001E5A Dot stains & drain clogged kitchen-dishwaher Yes
FXHOHS2020001E59 Microwave, mini fridge, coffee maker N120 SGA Office, B104 and B107 Yes
FXHOHS2020001E57 N120 SGA Office Yes
FXHOHS2020001E56 N124 Yes
FXHOHS2020001E55 Mini Fridge R120 Yes
FXHOHS2020001E53 R123 Yes
FXHOHS2020001E4D R122 and B123 Yes
FXHOHS2020001E4C Mini Microwave R123 Yes