Walkthrough: Harper’s Choice Middle School: December 19th, 2019 (WXHCMS2019000274)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXHCMS20190016EB Dirty Return Grille Portable 92 Yes
FXHCMS20190016EA Missing Stat Cover Portable 92 No
FXHCMS20190016E9 Room 802 Yes
FXHCMS20190016E8 Girls Locker Room Yes
FXHCMS20190016E7 Boys Locker Room - Teacher/Coach Bathroom Yes
FXHCMS20190016E6 Missing escutcheon plate Room 204 No
FXHCMS20190016E5 Minor Damage on Fiberglass pipe insulation. FACS - Laundry Room No
FXHCMS20190016E4 Ceiling tile not sitting in grid properly. C4 Yes
FXHCMS20190016E3 Corner of room near vertical pipes. Room 202 Yes
FXHCMS20190016E2 Soap Dispenser. Girls Bath by Terry's Office Yes
FXHCMS20190016E1 Damaged skirt - back left of portable. Portable 91 No
FXHCMS20190016E0 Compressor is freezing. Portable 93 No
FXHCMS20190016DF 6 from left, 3 up. Room 502 Yes
FXHCMS20190016DE Left of room, 5 tiles over, 3 up. Room 504 Yes
FXHCMS20190016DD By Green Door, right of corner light Room 607 Yes
FXHCMS20190016DC Room 603 Yes