Walkthrough: Gorman Crossing Elementary School: April 8th, 2019 (WXGCES201900019E)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXGCES2019000F7A A sewer odor was noted. Office of the Environment… Bathroom near 61-63 Yes
FXGCES2019000F79 Weather Stripping on the exterior door is bad. Portable 165 No
FXGCES2019000F78 Portable 165 Yes
FXGCES2019000F77 First grade bathroom Yes
FXGCES2019000F75 Worn corners, exposing metal edging 2d No
FXGCES2019000F73 Crack in corner where walls meet 2b No
FXGCES2019000F71 Crack in wall near door 2e No
FXGCES2019000F70 2e Yes
FXGCES2019000F6E Worn corners, metal edging exposed
2c No
FXGCES2019000F6C Wall corners are worn, exposing metal edging… 2a No
FXGCES2019000F6B 2a Yes
FXGCES2019000F6A 5c No
FXGCES2019000F69 5a No
FXGCES2019000F67 Pencil sharpener is loose. Corners of wall worn Room 38 No
FXGCES2019000F65 Corners near closet are worn and metal edging… 1b No
FXGCES2019000F63 Holes in walls. Corners are worn and metal frame… 1d No
FXGCES2019000F61 Room 100 Yes
FXGCES2019000F5E Loose tile Room 41 Yes
FXGCES2019000F5C Holes and cracks in wall Room 42 No
FXGCES2019000F59 One of the lights is out Closet motor room Yes
FXGCES2019000F57 Light out in closet Room 49 Yes
FXGCES2019000F55 Crack in corner of room Room 048 No
FXGCES2019000F54 Room 048 Yes
FXGCES2019000F52 Room 32 Yes
FXGCES2019000F51 In bathroom one tile is loose Room 52 Yes