Walkthrough: Forest Ridge Elementary School: January 22nd, 2019 (WXFRES201900010C)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXFRES2019000755 Portable 80 Yes
FXFRES2019000754 Portable 79 Yes
FXFRES2019000751 Stained: near "T" desk Room 32 Yes
FXFRES2019000750 Falling out: near door Room 32 Yes
FXFRES201900074D Room 33 Yes
FXFRES201900074C Room 34 Yes
FXFRES201900074A Room 34 Yes
FXFRES2019000749 Rattling sound in ceiling (place work order) Room 55 No
FXFRES2019000748 Room 30 No
FXFRES2019000747 Kindergarten hallway Yes
FXFRES2019000745 Light out in front of T5 Hallway 4/5 Yes
FXFRES2019000743 Planning 7 Room 26 Yes
FXFRES2019000742 Room 75 Yes
FXFRES2019000740 Planning 3 - Lounge Chair Room 22 Yes
FXFRES201900073F Room 38 Yes
FXFRES201900073E Dust above light in front of room above chalkboard Room 38 Yes
FXFRES201900073D Hallway between work room and lounge Yes
FXFRES201900073C Room 38 Yes
FXFRES201900073B Holes Room 38 Yes
FXFRES201900073A 13 AP Office Yes
FXFRES2019000739 Room 72 Yes
FXFRES2019000738 Room 41 Yes
FXFRES2019000737 Stain above back door Room 41 Yes
FXFRES2019000735 Return may not be working. Office of Environment… Room 105 Yes
FXFRES2019000734 Window sills Room 39 Yes