Walkthrough: Folly Quarter Middle School: November 26th, 2019 (WXFQMS2019000261)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXFQMS20190015CD Stage Yes
FXFQMS20190015CB Water on floor and past signs of tile damage Prep room No
FXFQMS20190015CA Supply pantry Yes
FXFQMS20190015C9 Loose ceiling tiles Cafeteria service Yes
FXFQMS20190015C8 Already marked Tech Ed Lab Closet Yes
FXFQMS20190015C7 cafeteria Yes
FXFQMS20190015C6 cafeteria Yes
FXFQMS20190015C4 Storage Yes
FXFQMS20190015C5 Storage Yes
FXFQMS20190015C3 Hallway outside of FACS Yes
FXFQMS20190015C2 Some Dusty tops of furniture Front office Yes
FXFQMS20190015C1 Some dirty supply Front office Yes
FXFQMS20190015C0 Dirty supply Health room Yes
FXFQMS20190015BF Dirty supply Parent Volunteer Room Yes
FXFQMS20190015BE Hall Yes
FXFQMS20190015BD Shelving Dusty in areas Media Yes
FXFQMS20190015BC Health science Yes
FXFQMS20190015BB Dusty lockers Hall Yes
FXFQMS20190015BA Some evidence of reoccurring moisture on sink… Related services No
FXFQMS20190015B8 Water cooler in corner with thermostat nearby… Media office Yes
FXFQMS20190015B6 Water cooler? Media office Yes
FXFQMS20190015B5 Related services room Yes
FXFQMS20190015B4 Dusty shelving Tech resource Yes
FXFQMS20190015B3 Small stain outside of computer lab Hall Yes
FXFQMS20190015B2 Wall unit has grime Server room Yes