Walkthrough: Elkridge Landing Middle School: November 5th, 2019 (WXELMS2019000244)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXELMS2019001446 Box taped together Office storage No
FXELMS2019001444 Missing vent Boys restroom Yes
FXELMS2019001442 Room 109 Yes
FXELMS2019001441 Room 109 Yes
FXELMS2019001440 Room 110 Yes
FXELMS201900143E Painted Room 145 Yes
FXELMS201900143D Room 111 Yes
FXELMS201900143C Room 112 Yes
FXELMS2019001439 High storage, clutter 107prep No
FXELMS2019001438 Room 133 Yes
FXELMS2019001437 Tech Ed storage Yes
FXELMS2019001435 Missing eschucheon plate Room 124 Yes
FXELMS2019001434 Room 137 Yes
FXELMS2019001433 215_hall Yes
FXELMS2019001432 Room 137 Yes
FXELMS2019001431 219_hall Yes
FXELMS2019001430 117_hall Yes
FXELMS201900142F Room 137 Yes
FXELMS201900142E 113_hall Yes
FXELMS201900142C Electrical panel PLV 2 not locked Outside of orchestra Yes
FXELMS201900142B Outside of orchestra Yes
FXELMS2019001429 Paper towels on ceiling Boys Bath across from orchestra Yes
FXELMS2019001428 Instrument Storage in orchestra Yes
FXELMS2019001427 107_hall Yes
FXELMS2019001426 Hall Yes