Walkthrough: Elkridge Landing Middle School: January 10th, 2019 (WXELMS20190000FC)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXELMS20190006B1 Too warm Room 148 No
FXELMS20190006AF Dirty Media Yes
FXELMS20190006AE Stains Pantry Yes
FXELMS20190006AD Minor stain near exit door Room 119 Yes
FXELMS20190006AC Dirty Room 119 Yes
FXELMS20190006AB Stained School store Yes
FXELMS20190006AA Items to be sold in wrappers but accessible to… School store Yes
FXELMS20190006A9 Missing Storage Yes
FXELMS20190006A8 Stain around insulated pipe Room 144 Yes
FXELMS20190006A7 Backside of return Room 141 Yes
FXELMS20190006A6 Carpet near entrance is ripped Room 204 No
FXELMS20190006A5 Ceiling tile above entrance neede to be replaced. Room 204 Yes
FXELMS20190006A4 Right window gap in Cmu wall to right of window… Room 102 No
FXELMS20190006A3 Food in plastic bags that mice can get at Room 102 Yes
FXELMS20190006A2 Dirty Room 104 Yes
FXELMS20190006A1 Stained tile corner tile touching boys restroom… Hall Yes
FXELMS20190006A0 Blistering paint on drywall ceiling Boys restroom Yes
FXELMS201900069F Bottom of exit door Room 106 No
FXELMS201900069E Stain Room 106 Yes
FXELMS201900069D About 4 ceiling tiles to right of elevator - 2x4… Hall Yes
FXELMS201900069C Warmer then others Room 108 No
FXELMS201900069B Dusty surfaces Room 110 Yes
FXELMS201900069A File bin against stat Room 111 Yes
FXELMS2019000699 Starting to rust at bottom Room 112 No
FXELMS2019000698 Mouse trap Prep No