Walkthrough: Deep Run Elementary School: January 15th, 2020 (WXDRES2020000298)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXDRES20200018D4 The area needs to be cleaned. A118 Yes
FXDRES20200018D3 Ductless Split (DSS-1) HVAC unit is making a… Room A115 off of kitchen No
FXDRES2020001870 Dirty floors b101 Yes
FXDRES202000186D Rug-has "air quality" sticker
b101 Yes
FXDRES202000186B Microwave A171 Yes
FXDRES2020001869 Dirty floors b102 Yes
FXDRES2020001868 a101 Yes
FXDRES2020001865 Foam mats b103 Yes
FXDRES2020001863 Dirty floors b103 Yes
FXDRES2020001861 Dirty floors b105 Yes
FXDRES202000185F Seat cushions b104 Yes
FXDRES202000185D Dirty floor b104 Yes
FXDRES202000185C c112 Yes
FXDRES202000185B c112 Yes
FXDRES2020001859 Dirty floor 3rd Pod Yes
FXDRES2020001857 Floors b141 Yes
FXDRES2020001855 Fridge b111 Yes
FXDRES2020001854 b142 Yes
FXDRES2020001852 Beanbag chair b111 Yes
FXDRES2020001850 Two tiles out of place b143 Yes
FXDRES202000184E Floors need to be cleaned b144 Yes
FXDRES202000184B Plastic beanbags b145 Yes
FXDRES202000184A Floors b145 Yes
FXDRES2020001849 1st grade pod Yes
FXDRES2020001847 A few tiles are Lifted out of place b112 Yes