Walkthrough: Deep Run Elementary School: February 4th, 2019 (WXDRES2019000123)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXDRES2019000905 Trash pile outside of school Outside Yes
FXDRES20190008C4 C111 custodial storage Yes
FXDRES20190008C3 Ceiling tile missing b174 Yes
FXDRES20190008C2 Box stored directly under sprinkler head A135A No
FXDRES20190008C1 Scuff marks 5th grade hall No
FXDRES20190008C0 b144 Yes
FXDRES20190008BE Lights closest to dry erase wall do not come on b145 No
FXDRES20190008BD Stuffed animals 1st grade pod Yes
FXDRES20190008BA Dust, trash, and rug b145 Yes
FXDRES20190008B9 General cleanliness b148 Yes
FXDRES20190008B8 Cobwebs on outlets and around exterior door b148 No
FXDRES20190008B6 Sweeping needed near doorway and exterior wall. b148 Yes
FXDRES20190008B5 Staff report of ants. Looks like small amount of… b149 No
FXDRES20190008AF Carpet dirty b150 Yes
FXDRES20190008AE One stall door locked - don,t know if this is due… K girls bathroom No
FXDRES20190008AD 1st grade girls bathroom Yes
FXDRES20190008AB B165 Yes
FXDRES20190008AA B166 Yes
FXDRES20190008A9 One toilet marked as out of order 3rd grade pod girls bathroom No
FXDRES20190008A8 B160 Yes
FXDRES20190008A7 3rd grade pod girls bathroom Yes
FXDRES20190008A6 b155 Yes
FXDRES20190008A5 2nd grade pod girls bathroom Yes
FXDRES20190008A4 Rug b157 Yes
FXDRES20190008A3 Floors & carpets need cleaning
b169 Yes