Walkthrough: Dayton Oaks Elementary School: January 31st, 2019 (WXDOES2019000121)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXDOES201900087D Sprinkler cover missing C 21 Yes
FXDOES201900087C Stairwell Yes
FXDOES201900087A Common area near B48 - live plants should have… b41_hall Yes
FXDOES2019000879 Storage near b49 Yes
FXDOES2019000877 Refrigerator - non issue if needed for… b29 Yes
FXDOES2019000875 Fabric materials on wall need plan for regular… b20 Yes
FXDOES2019000874 b19 Yes
FXDOES2019000873 Highs and lows c35 No
FXDOES2019000872 Highs and lows c37 No
FXDOES2019000870 Change tile B17 Yes
FXDOES201900086F b18 Yes
FXDOES201900086E Highs and lows d32 No
FXDOES201900086D Highs and lows d33 No
FXDOES201900086C b59 Yes
FXDOES201900086B a66 Yes
FXDOES201900086A d38 No
FXDOES2019000869 a44 Yes
FXDOES2019000868 d38 Yes
FXDOES2019000866 Fabric materials need plan for occasional cleaning Media Yes
FXDOES2019000865 d16 Yes
FXDOES2019000863 Multiple stained tiles Media Storage Yes
FXDOES2019000861 d15 No
FXDOES2019000860 Ceiling mounted fan cool unit needs cleaning by… TER Yes
FXDOES201900085F d12 Yes
FXDOES201900085E d12 No