Walkthrough: Cradlerock Elementary School: January 31st, 2020 (WXCRES20200002C2)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXCRES2020001B92 PE offices Yes
FXCRES2020001B90 Dirty ceiling vent PE offices Yes
FXCRES2020001B8E Crack in corner of wall in closet with blue steel… Equipment closets No
FXCRES2020001B8C Tile askew in foyer Room 057 Yes
FXCRES2020001B8A Tiles by water fountain Gym hall No
FXCRES2020001B89 Room 033 Yes
FXCRES2020001B85 Front hallway Yes
FXCRES2020001B84 Peeling paint Room 006 No
FXCRES2020001B83 Lamp Room 016 Yes
FXCRES2020001B82 Room 006 Yes
FXCRES2020001B81 Room 22 Yes
FXCRES2020001B80 Room 156 Yes
FXCRES2020001B7D AP Office Yes
FXCRES2020001B7C Room 149 Yes
FXCRES2020001B7B Room 011 Yes
FXCRES2020001B7A Room 151 Yes
FXCRES2020001B79 Hallway Yes
FXCRES2020001B78 Room 156 Yes
FXCRES2020001B76 Items hanging from ceiling and doorway blocked… Portable Yes
FXCRES2020001B75 Plant on cabinet Room 182 Yes
FXCRES2020001B74 Floors around toilet Room 183 No
FXCRES2020001B73 Room 048 Yes
FXCRES2020001B72 Room 050 Yes
FXCRES2020001B70 Tile above yellow cabinet... Check light as well… Room 184 Yes
FXCRES2020001B6F Room 045 Yes