Walkthrough: Clemens Crossing Elementary School: January 6th, 2020 (WXCCES202000027C)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXCCES2020001710 Cold Room 166 No
FXCCES202000170E 3rd Grade Boys Bath Yes
FXCCES202000170C Rusty return grille in dishwashing area, place… Kitchen No
FXCCES202000170A Sign off on fire exstinguisher 139a Yes
FXCCES2020001708 Return partially blocked by items on shelf Portable 11 Yes
FXCCES2020001705 Sign off on fire exstingiusher Portable 11 Yes
FXCCES2020001704 Cold Room 177 No
FXCCES20200016FF Warm temperature but not consistently warm all day Room 175 No
FXCCES20200016FE Sign off on fire extinguisher Portable 176 Yes
FXCCES20200016FC Media Offfice Yes
FXCCES20200016FB Drafty Room 178 No
FXCCES20200016FA 125B - Data Room (Off Media Office) Yes
FXCCES20200016F8 Classroom is cold Room 179 No
FXCCES20200016F6 Media - remind staff to clean fabric materials Room 150 Yes
FXCCES20200016F4 Stuffed animals - Remind staff member to clean… Room 123 Yes
FXCCES20200016F2 Room feels cold and drafty. Room 136 No