Walkthrough: Bryant Woods Elementary School: January 8th, 2019 (WXBWES20190000F6)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXBWES2019000655 Hole in ceiling Porta 126 Yes
FXBWES2019000654 Port 113 No
FXBWES2019000653 Room 130 Yes
FXBWES2019000651 Wall crack Room 134 No
FXBWES201900064F Wall crack Room 132 No
FXBWES201900064D Crack on wall Room 113 No
FXBWES201900064B Peeling paint Room 111 No
FXBWES201900064A Room 117 Yes
FXBWES2019000648 Crack on wall Room 114 No
FXBWES2019000646 Paint peeling Room 112 No
FXBWES2019000644 Vent needs repair Room 110 Yes
FXBWES2019000642 Light cover coming down Room 109 No
FXBWES2019000640 Light out Front Hallway No
FXBWES201900063F Room 103 Yes
FXBWES201900063E Room 101 Yes
FXBWES201900063C Exit light out Room 102 No
FXBWES201900063A Curtains and materials hanging from ceiling (fire… Room 127 Yes
FXBWES2019000638 Storage height Storage near 132 Yes
FXBWES2019000636 Stainedned Tile near ceiling mounted unit Room 123 Yes
FXBWES2019000634 Stained ct - media Room 124 Yes
FXBWES2019000632 Storage height Records Room Yes
FXBWES2019000631 Staff Lounge Yes
FXBWES2019000630 Staff Restroom Yes
FXBWES201900062E Ceiling tile not aligned in gym storage gym Yes
FXBWES201900062C Kitchen storage closet - height of materials (… Kitchen Yes