Walkthrough: Bonnie Branch Middle School: February 26th, 2020 (WXBBMS20200002E7)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXBBMS2020001D0A Place work preserve for plumbing to assess water… Records Room Student zservices No
FXBBMS2020001D09 Room 21 Yes
FXBBMS2020001D07 Room 25 Yes
FXBBMS2020001D06 Portable 1 Yes
FXBBMS2020001D04 Ceiling tile askew Kitchen Yes
FXBBMS2020001D03 Room 28 Yes
FXBBMS2020001D02 Computer Yes
FXBBMS2020001D01 Room 31 Yes
FXBBMS2020001D00 Room 30 Yes
FXBBMS2020001CFF Room 24 Yes
FXBBMS2020001CFE Room 33 No
FXBBMS2020001CFD hallway_36 No
FXBBMS2020001CFC Room 36 Yes
FXBBMS2020001CFA Housekeeping in closet Room 12 Yes
FXBBMS2020001CF8 Housekeeping Science office 9/10 Yes
FXBBMS2020001CF6 Light lens coming down Chem storage science 9 Yes
FXBBMS2020001CF5 Room 42 Yes
FXBBMS2020001CF3 Room 44 Yes
FXBBMS2020001CF2 Closet 18" of clearance at sprinkler head Room 8 Yes
FXBBMS2020001CF1 Room 45 Yes
FXBBMS2020001CF0 Room 3 Yes
FXBBMS2020001CEE Items stored against elec panel and trash on floor Electrical room 2 Yes