Walkthrough: Bonnie Branch Middle School: October 16th, 2018 (WXBBMS2018000053)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXBBMS20180000BC Kitchen Yes
FXBBMS20180000BB Escutcheon plate missing Boys Locker Room Yes
FXBBMS20180000BA Stained Cafeteria Storage Yes
FXBBMS20180000B9 Stained Tech Ed Yes
FXBBMS20180000B8 Missing ceiling tile grid Band room Yes
FXBBMS20180000B7 stained Gym Office Yes
FXBBMS20180000B6 Damaged tile, 1 crack across floor Hallway floor No
FXBBMS20180000B5 2 corner tiles stained Stairwell near art room No
FXBBMS20180000B4 Stairs dirty Stairwell near art room Yes
FXBBMS20180000B3 Messy Room 19 Yes
FXBBMS20180000B2 Hallway outside 18 No
FXBBMS20180000B1 Boxes Room 18 Yes
FXBBMS20180000B0 carpet stained, rust on floor Room 13 Yes
FXBBMS20180000AF Boxes on the floor Bathroom storage closet Yes
FXBBMS20180000AE Teddy bear and boxes (in the closet). Room 11 Yes
FXBBMS20180000AD Recycling daily Room 12 Yes
FXBBMS20180000AC Too many boxes and trash. Room 10 Yes
FXBBMS20180000AB Closet too much debris, boxes, trash on floor.… Room 9 closet Yes
FXBBMS20180000AA Dirt, hair and grass Back stairwell Yes
FXBBMS20180000A9 Desk covered in paper and trash. Room 7 Yes
FXBBMS20180000A8 Boxes on the floor. Boxes and folders on the… Room 8 Yes
FXBBMS20180000A7 6th grade stairs Yes
FXBBMS20180000A6 Back stairs Yes
FXBBMS20180000A5 Tv room Yes
FXBBMS20180000A4 Media office Yes