Walkthrough: Bollman Bridge Elementary School: December 11th, 2019 (WXBBES2019000270)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXBBES20190016D2 Girls restroom by Gym Yes
FXBBES20190016D1 Items 18 in from ceiling b152 Yes
FXBBES20190016D0 Hole in ceiling tile B143 Yes
FXBBES20190016CE Vent is very loud B192 Yes
FXBBES20190016CD Repair caulk seal on toilet. d130 Yes
FXBBES20190016CC b112 Yes
FXBBES20190016C9 Ceiling tile stand above patient area and a bowed… b159 Yes
FXBBES20190016C7 Dead bugs iin bathroom light fixture d161 Yes
FXBBES20190016C6 Has heard sounds in ceiling tiles. b101 Yes
FXBBES20190016C4 Crack in ceiling next to pillar a136 Yes
FXBBES20190016C3 Storage Height in storage closet. d157 Yes
FXBBES20190016C2 d157 No
FXBBES20190016C0 Daylight at exterior door. d158 No
FXBBES20190016BF Stained tile A132 Yes
FXBBES20190016BD Ants at back door c135 Yes
FXBBES20190016BC Student toilet Yes
FXBBES20190016BB Student toilet Yes
FXBBES20190016B9 Mulch bag damaged, mulch and soil on floor. b120 Yes
FXBBES20190016B7 Sign off on fire exstinguisher and place work… Electrical Room off Boiler Room No
FXBBES20190016B6 Ants by whiteboard a106 Yes
FXBBES20190016B3 Cafeteria - Dirtyreturn vents near stage. b130 Yes
FXBBES20190016B2 Ants under whiteboard a103 Yes