Walkthrough: Bollman Bridge Elementary School: March 20th, 2019 (WXBBES201900017E)


Tracking Number Comments Location Closed
FXBBES2019000D54 AC UNIT above closet moldy b129 Yes
FXBBES2019000D53 A132 Yes
FXBBES2019000D52 B142 Yes
FXBBES2019000D51 d161 Yes
FXBBES2019000D50 B137 Yes
FXBBES2019000D4E Possible mold on floor in women's bathroom… b145 Yes
FXBBES2019000D4D Hallway by 2nd grade Yes
FXBBES2019000D4B c115 Yes
FXBBES2019000D4A c108 Yes
FXBBES2019000D49 c108 Yes
FXBBES2019000D48 Chairs with fabric, pillow, rug, stools with… b107 Yes
FXBBES2019000D47 c109 Yes
FXBBES2019000D46 c109 Yes
FXBBES2019000D45 c102 Yes
FXBBES2019000D44 c102 Yes
FXBBES2019000D43 Rug b108 Yes
FXBBES2019000D42 Student toilet Yes
FXBBES2019000D40 Foam coming out of light fixture and hanging b101 No
FXBBES2019000D3F c125 Yes
FXBBES2019000D3E a104 Yes
FXBBES2019000D3C a104 Yes
FXBBES2019000D3B c132 Yes
FXBBES2019000D3A a101 Yes
FXBBES2019000D39 c132 Yes
FXBBES2019000D38 2 rugs, chair with fabric, pillows and bean bag,… b104 Yes